Do you drink more ? Here is the problems

by alchemist, 21Dec 2017

Do you drink more ? Here is the problems

Excess drinking can cause problems to your body and brain . Alcohol has been ranked as one of the five most addictive substances.  Alcohol use causes the brain's delicate neurotransmitters  to relay information slower. It also boosts the production of dopamine. Which tricks the brain into thinking it's actually feeling great.

Alcohol also shrinks and disturbs the brain tissue.  Alcohol makes the drinker feel drowsy. Suffer from memory loss and lack of motor co-ordination and experience a sudden mood swings.

Over time this changes the brain's structure.  Causing heavy drinkers to crave more alcohol. Frequent drinking can lead to

CARDIOMYOPATHY - A stretching of heart

ARRHYTHMIAS - An irregular heart beat


The liver is the other victim of the alcohol over use.  The over use of alcohol can cause liver  problems such as

STEATOSIS - fatty liver



The pancreases can suffer from inflammation of the blood vessels called pancreatitis. Over drinking can also been shown to cause cancer in mouth, throat, breast and liver. Drinking can also weakens your immune system.

If you drink excess, habitually a hangover is least of your worries !



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