How to make your relationships last

by alchemist, 21Dec 2017

How to make your relationships last

Almost any relationship starts with a firework ! "This is wonderful" , "This is amazing" . This phase is called the honeymoon phase . It's all about happiness,love and care. Then you will be entering to the real life. That is the part most of the relationship face their real problems.

What is the one single thing that makes the relationship work, which helps to build an emotional attraction between the partners.  The big moments in your life, they won't help you build your relationship. It's every day conversations and behaviors that makes a relationship stronger.

Are you really there, attentive and listening to your partner in a daily basis ? are you caring them ? This may work 1 year down the road. Researchers found out that your relationship will erode if you forget about appreciation. Your relationship will thrive if you work towards building that emotional connection


As you and your partner talking, interacting in everyday life listen to them and try to find the value in what they say . That will make your relationship last . It's not buying your partner Roses or expensive things . It's about being there emotionally for them. Listening and partnering with them through their difficulties and challenges and joining with them to celebrate the success  . That will make your relationship last for ever


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